What is W1NNEN

W1NNEN combines the learning of neuro-and behavior science with hands on corporate transformation knowledge and Olympic sports experience. This unique combination has led to a new way of realizing sustainable High Performance. 

W1NNEN method is based on a snowball effect connecting what you want with actually doing it! The impact is creating 30 to 60% more value for your organization

w1nnen snowball.png

Snowball Effect

Sustainable High Performance

Desire-driven "I want"

The snowball effect starts with developing and connecting the desire of the organization with the desires of your teams and individuals.  This generates a clear focus and intrinsic motivation to go beyond what is needed!

Tapping into the talents "I can"

The change generates more speed when you connect the desires with the needed and often untapped talents in your organization. People barely use 50% of their talent at work, by giving trust and daring your colleagues to use their talents, increases your organizations performance and adaptability. 

Disrupt your organization "I dare"

In order to fully make use of all the talents your have to become a disrupter yourself. Decrease the ineffective structures in your organization in order to give room for more mandate and innovation.

Execute the change each day "I do"

The effect will reach its momentum when you create the skills & discipline to learn and improve each day by experimenting and executing new routines and behaviors. 

Just to be clear……

W1nnen is not a one size fits all program to be implemented the same way in each organization. It is founded by co-creation between the customer, W1NNEN team and the end users.  Each company, team and individual have their own unique potential to fulfill.